Are you looking to use the power of storytelling to boost your brand?

Turning your story into a brand-boosting machine goes beyond the telling.

There's also the selling -  how do you connect with your tribe? How do you nurture your relationships?

The key lies in carefully crafted stories.

By a partner who knows how to connect all the dots – strategy, style, delivery.

I’m Zika - Brand Storyteller and Copywriter.

But I prefer you to call me a "story-seller."

I’m a creative writer. I make stories. I listen, draw parallels, extract lessons. I take the rough stone that is your narrative, polish it and tell it with the awe-inspiring splash of colors that only diamonds can boast of.

Because I understand how emotions determine our every decision and action, I steer your customers in your direction. I speak to the child in them.

The result? Story that hooks and seduces your readers to act.


I can help, if you:

- Have a message you need to get out to the world.

- Have a keen desire to help others find fulfillment, while also making a profit.

- Want to harness the power of  storytelling to attract your own tribe.


Oh, and I like to keep it simple.

So, if you have a special place in your heart for phrases like “state-of-the-art,” “cutting-edge,” and similar, high-sounding, PHD-esque jargon, that's a potential hornet's nest. Except you want to meet somewhere in the middle.

If you dig the style of the everyday layperson, welcome. This is home.