Is sales painfully slow?

I know how it feels to put in all the hard work into building a great product or service and then have to beg customers to ‘please buy.'

But you know what? The problem is not with your product; it’s with how you’re talking about your product. You’re sounding like everyone else and your customers can’t tell the difference.

How about doing things differently? How about cutting out all the ‘blah blah’ and, instead, sending out clear signals to those you need to buy?

That's where I come in.


I can help you with:

-- Web copy
-- Marketing email sequences
-- Brand Clarity
-- Blogging


Provided you:

-- Have a product or service you need to get out to the world.
-- Want to harness the power of stories to put your brand ahead.
-- Value clarity above fancy wording.

Time to ditch the regular babble by saying things differently? I’ve been writing award-winning stories since age 13, snapping up awards at local, state and national levels. Storytelling is my jam, and now it’s time for me to help you bring the medals home.

I spin engaging brand stories and make your customers fall in love with you over and over. My mission is to help you show up in your copy game, so your customers say yes! yes!! yes!!!  You know, you can just call me your Fairy Wordmother.


I’m Zika, and I’m your Brand Storyteller + Copywriter.