You have a message that people need to hear.

You know without a doubt that your message will touch lives and leave footprints on hearts… 

And leave the world better than you met it.

BUT you’re wondering, how do you find your tribe? How do you connect with them? How do you…click?

The answer lies in your story.



The stadium is packed to the teeth.

Tens of thousands of attendants are here because of the one person who has made the most difference in their lives. The oneness of purpose is palpable you can almost… touch it.

Then the keynote speaker is announced.

It’s not Martin Luther King; it’s not your President –

It’s YOU, my friend!

Lights. Camera. Applause (and some butterflies in your stomach)!!!

Spring in your step, you make your way onto the stage, surveying the crowd through the corners of your eyes. Your emotions are pirouetting somewhere between intoxicated, dumbstruck, and grateful. Or a mélange of all three.

These people are here for a common cause. Your cause.

THIS is more than you had ever hoped for…


Undeniably, stories are at the core of the human identity. It’s who we are; it’s us.

The human experience has always been about connections, relationships –  what resonated and what didn’t. If we didn’t connect with the story, we rebelled. Or stayed indifferent at best.

But when we did, it started off movements that even the leaders could not turn back.

Today, more than ever, stories are everything.

What is your story?

More importantly, how are you telling it?


I’m Zika – brand storyteller and copywriter.


I turn bland, boring experiences into nuggets of life-changing information, and a  potent marketing tool. I weave your stories into copy that seduces your readers – and converts them into paying clients.


Ever met someone for the first time and within minutes, it felt like they were kindred spirits? You felt a deep connection – similar stories, interests, passions, fears, mistakes – and it was as if you’d known each other all your lives?


Perhaps they struck an extra-special chord and a steamy romance bounced off of that. Yeah, home run, I know, but…


That is what Storytelling can do for you. And I can’t wait to help you tell your story.


Your story + my polish = Your shine


Think your life is drab and nothing to write about? Don’t judge just yet.

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And the clients said…

“Zika wrote a newsletter for my company. Her writing style is engaging and focuses on storytelling that rings true to the brand she is representing. She was easy to work with, a fantastic communicator, met all deadlines and presented an impressive final draft. I definitely recommend her if you need a writer who can weave the story of your business!”

Amber McClincy Owner - Be Vibrant Business Services

“…Anyone wondering if Zika has the skills to do this can take my word for it. She does!!”

Sheila J. Davis Founder - Yes Women's Network


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